Carl Coppola, MD Hearing Loss Evaluation

Hearing loss affects millions of people of all ages in the United States. The incidence of this problem continues to grow each year as we live longer and are exposed to more and more noise. There are many causes of hearing loss including congenital, hereditary, trauma, infections, tumors, and noise exposure to name a few. It is very important to determine the cause of hearing loss so that proper treatment can be provided. Dr. Coppola and his staff including audiologist, Karen Mullin, are committed to helping you with this condition.

Most forms of hearing loss develop gradually over time. Many patients often experience any one of the following situations:

  • Having to ask people to repeat what they are saying
  • Difficulty hearing voices in a crowd
  • Difficulty hearing with background noise
  • Family members complaining that you have the TV volume turned way up
  • Ringing or buzzing in the ears

If this sounds familiar then you or someone you know has a hearing loss and they should be evaluated. If you experience a rapid or sudden hearing loss then Dr. Coppola should evaluate you right away.

Hearing evaluation at our office has two components. Dr. Coppola will perform a thorough head and neck examination with special attention to the ears. Karen Mullin will do a complete hearing test that has several components. Each of them will provide input as to the type of hearing loss and likely diagnosis. Sometimes additional testing is required to further clarify the nature of your hearing loss. This may include more specialized testing with Karen, blood work or imaging such as CT or MRI.

Once a final diagnosis is made then the correct treatment can be provided. This may involve medication, surgery, hearing aids or some combination of these. Dr. Coppola will sit down and explain your options so that you can both work together to come up with your treatment plan. If you need hearing aids then Karen will meet with you and make recommendations tailored to your needs. She works with a variety of hearing aid manufacturers to provide the latest technology. Our team approach to hearing loss evaluation under one roof provides the most efficient and effective management to our patients.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a hearing loss please call to make an appointment with Dr. Coppola and Karen Mullin at 502-893-3683.