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Success Stories

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I have been treated by Dr. Coppola for allergies and for my nose/sinus over 5-6 years. He also performed deviated septum surgery. He also performed surgery on my daughter a few years ago. He has been great every time. He really cares about people and patients. He listens to your situation and presents you options. His allergy treatment was very, very helpful. I recommend him every time to friends, coworkers and others.


Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” This applies to Dr. Carl Coppola. He has been my ENT for well over a decade. From the beginning; all the way to my most recent visit of a few weeks ago, he has applied his reliable exceptional care to my complicated set of problems using the highest professional standards. I have also always been treated with compassion and understanding. Dr. Coppola exemplifies excellence.

M J McDonald

In my first appointment with Dr. Coppola, I found him to be very professional, honest, and direct about my problems. He fully explained any options, answered questions, made me feel comfortable. What really impressed me was the fact that he ‘listened’ to me. I wasn’t treated as a generic patient. I’d been suffering for years with sinus problems. No other doctor had ever been helpful. I needed surgery. Dr. Coppola performed very successful surgery. I had no idea I could feel so much better. He’s been a great doctor. His office staff have gotten me in for timely appointments, dealt with insurance issues, friendly and very accommodating in every way.

B. L. Haddix

As a teen, I broke my nose three separate times playing various sports. Through the years, I never sought any kind of treatment, even though my breathing was almost completely obstructed in my left nasal passage. My nose was cosmetically a disaster, but I wasn’t too concerned with this. I wanted to be able to breathe (and my patient wife wanted some true relief from my snoring), so as a 30-year old, I decided it was time to do something about it.
Dr. Coppola was highly recommended, so his office was the first I called to schedule a consultation. After one visit, I knew his practice was the solution I needed. He diagnosed my problem, outlined a solution, and was very accommodating in scheduling the required surgery. I had a deviated septum and severe damage to the cartilage within in my nose, along with some structural problems in the bone.
The surgery was not pleasant, nor the recovery. However, I knew this was going to be the case going in, and I knew I was in good hands and that Dr. Coppola could be fully trusted. My instincts proved right, and the results have been fantastic.
Fast forward several months, and I am still thankful every day for how much he has helped me. My breathing is the best it has been since I was a child. I never realized just how ridiculously poor my breathing was. I only regret that I didn’t visit him sooner.
Another unexpected benefit is that I haven’t had a sinus infection or any allergies since the surgery. This was never promised to me as a guaranteed benefit, but my nose was always stuffy or running before, and now I have none of those problems. Dr. Coppola didn’t guarantee this. It demonstrates that he doesn’t over-promise; he over-delivers!
As for the cosmetic issues, I am very pleased with the result. Again, it wasn’t my priority, but he definitely improved my visage. My nose is no longer crooked and the enormous internal scar tissue from the earlier fractures has been removed.
I would recommend Dr. Coppola to anyone. He has a very straightforward approach, he showed great care to me as a patient, and his expertise is made evident by the results his work achieves.

Erik Smith

Dear Dr. Coppola,

Thank you for your guidance on the diagnosis and treatment of my deviated septum. I have been plagued with tonsillitis as a child and recurring sinus infections and enviornmental allergies for years. I did not know what normal breathing was like until after I healed from the surgery you performed.
Breathing fully and easily is really a new experience. I no longer feel like I am breathing through cotton. I also am off one of the drugs I take for allergies, a nasal spray. My quality of life has improved significantly.
I appreciate your kindness and that of your knowledgeable and efficient staff. Again, thank you.

C. S. D.
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