Nasal and Sinus Overview


Dr. Carl Coppola offers medical and surgical management of allergic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, and breathing problems associated with allergic and structural problems of the nose.

Dr. Coppola conducts a comprehensive medical history with emphasis on allergy and sinus issues, as well as review of any home or work environmental conditions. A complete medical examination of the head and neck is also performed, and may include endoscopic examination of the nasal cavity and sinuses.

Dependent upon your specific nasal and/or sinus condition, Dr. Coppola may recommend medical management. This may involve the use of antihistamine-decongestants, saline irrigation, and nasal steroids. Also, antibiotics may be prescribed. For appropriate patients, a home program of allergy avoidance and allergy immunology is recommended for the care of their sinuses, including regular saline irrigation, steam inhalation, dietary and lifestyle measures.

There are a number of advanced surgical procedures that can be considered if medical management does provide satisfactory resolution of symptoms. See Nasal and Sinus section of this website for more information.