Hearing Services

Hearing Services

Dr. Carl Coppola has the most up-to-date medical equipment for testing your hearing, inner ear disorders and hearing aid evaluation.

Karen Mullin, MA, CCC-A, audiologist, works closely with Dr. Coppola to precisely determine the cause of your hearing or dizziness disorder. Each case is individually evaluated. In some cases, Dr. Coppola may be able to correct your hearing or dizziness disorder through medication or surgery.

However, if your hearing loss is permanent, our audiologist will carefully evaluate your hearing loss condition before fitting you with the most appropriate hearing aid for your condition. Dr. Coppola and Ms. Mullin advise patients that today’s hearing aids not only offer increased amplification but are much smaller so that they can fit discreetly within the ear.

The basic hearing (audiogram) test is fairly simple comprised of the following three steps:

  1. Questions about your hearing and general health.
  2. Examination of your ear canal and eardrum.
  3. A series of test conducted by our audiologist in a sound booth.

Some of the more advanced hearing and dizziness disorder tests performed in Dr. Coppola’s practice are:

  • ABR – (Auditory Brainstem Response)
  • ENG – (Electronystagmogram – test for dizziness and balance disorder)
  • OAE – (Cochlear Function)
  • Tympanogram – (Detects fluid behind eardrums)

If you are having trouble with your hearing, don’t delay in undergoing a comprehensive hearing examination and evaluation. Dr. Coppola and his professional team can help you with your hearing and/or dizziness disorder.

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